Professional Experience

coreyborg worked with Dovie, inc. - company logo

Contract, Web Developer

Developed and assisted in development on a site moving towards HIPAA compliance, as well as making numerous edits/updates to the sites of other clients of Dovie, inc. (Atoms & pixels).

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coreyborg worked with Nintex, global - company logo

Contract, Web Content Administrator

Executed on a variety of web development projects for world’s leading workflow automation company, with offices in eight countries and clients in over 40 countries.

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coreyborg worked with Resources Online - company logo

Web Template Developer

While working at Resources Online, I designed responsive templates for an online counseling tool called CARE. My team worked together with other businesses as part of a $23 million prevention project centered in Washington, D.C..

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Areas of expertise


Developers have the bad reputation of being math nerds with limited people skills. Aside from the fact that I consider 'math nerd' to be a wonderful compliment, this mould is slowly cracking. Gone are the days where math and art were opposites, and incompatible.

• Javascript
• jQuery
• Bootstrap
• Compatability Testing


Are you looking to wow your visiters with art? I have a knack for creating breath taking visual displays which will leave your visitors mouths hanging open in awe. I'm adept at creating professional website layouts/designs that are pleasing to the eye and navigate with ease.

• Content Layout
• Image Optimization
• Responsive Layouts
• Illustrator
• Gimp GNU