Brochure Extended Custom
Cost approximation
Number of pages 4 8 x
Estimated number of hours 10 20 x
Rate 30$/hr 35$/hr 40$/hr
Estimated cost $300 $700 $x
Make a plan
Idea consulting (goal oriented focus, maximizing effectiveness, web tool selection)
Marketing consulting (competetive analysis, marketing funnel, optimal CTA's)
Content consulting (how to prepare required information)
Create the site
Domain name registration
Content creation (site mockup, copywriting, photography, graphic design, image optimization)
Content Management Systems (WordPress, Squarespace, wix, etc.)
Custom coding (html, css, javascript, php, mysql)
Mobile responsiveness
Cross browser compatability
Custom functionality (ecommerce, complex user interactions, cross-site integration)
Measure effectiveness
Basic SEO
Google Analytics

Your web support

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Corey Boiko

I'm not going to throw a bunch of fancy sounding words at you. Instead, let's work together to acquire the resources needed to build and manage your website! With a firm commitment to open-source technologies and community projects, I am adept at finding budget web solutions, that keep your pockets full.