Didn’t Realize

Tools used

• HTML • CSS • Javascript • jQuery • Bootstrap • Illustrator • Gimp

My contribution

I designed this site from scratch with HTML, CSS and Javascript. The content is composed of original poems, short stories, and music. As well as demonstrating my web skills, this site demonstrates my knack for creativity. I am not only a designer/developer; I am an artist. The inspiration of my poetry comes from events in my life that the poems relate directly back to. My short story writing is abstract, and often based off of dreams.

My vision for this site is a place to accumulate my non-commercial works. Currently I am hosting poems, short stories, and music.

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Highlighted design elements

Site logo

Coreyborg designed didntrealize.com Site logo

I made this logo using free-hand illustration and Adobe Illustrator. The logo is both a '?' and an 'i' which represents the act of questioning if you exist. Whenever somebody sees my site, my first response is to ask 'who, me?'. I made this site to leave a semi-permanent record of myself through art.

Footer Image

I drew this free hand first, then rasterized it in photoshop and add some color filters. The philosophical theme of the website is continued with a balance between perception and reality.

Coreyborg designed didntrealize.com custom footer design

Highlighted Code

Entrance gate Javascript

This piece of Javascript code is useful to deter bots from accessing your page. Any clicks on an 'enter site' button prior to 3 seconds will not enter the site, and after 22 seconds, the site will open automatically.

This code is useful to me, because I don't want to allow users to skim through my poems, so if they have read the first poem and had some time to think about it, I do not want them to read the more intense poems without context.

var hasty = true;
//all good things come to those that wait
	setTimeout(function() {
		hasty = false;
		setTimeout(function() {
		}, 19000);
	}, 3000);
	function entranceGate(){
		var whereToNext;
		var theFilePath = "",
			whatDocIsNowCalled = "index",
			andItHasThisExtension = ".html",
			soTheLinkIs = theFilePath + whatDocIsNowCalled + andItHasThisExtension;
			theFilePath = "norobots/";
			whatDocIsNowCalled = "indextorslab";
			soTheLinkIs = theFilePath + whatDocIsNowCalled + andItHasThisExtension;
		var whereToNext = soTheLinkIs;
			window.location = whereToNext;