Laurelhurst Research

Tools used

• Wordpress • HTML • CSS • Gimp • XAMPP

My contribution

My client wanted something modern looking, which was easy to make small adjustments to. I designed her site using wordPress, then I made her a step by step guide for editing her content, complete with personalized images. For this project, I interfaced with multiple different hosting companies to centralize all the content for each of my client’s websites. Doing this meant forwarding domains, installing wordPress on linux hosted servers, then migrating my localhost wordPress sites onto the server.

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Highlighted design element

Original photography

I took this photo of Mt. Rainier from the top of Crystal Mountain while snowboarding. Then, I put some color filters on it so that it faded into the background more. Now it works really well as a header for my client's site.


Highlighted Code

Custom CSS

I added a plugin to Wordpress so that I could upload my own styles. This code changes the background on page heads into a cropped picture of Mt. Ranier to match the home page. Then it sets any text inside to be white. The second style rule makes my custom headings orange, and spaces them evenly.

.page_head {
	color: white;
	padding:0px 20px;