Nintex - Content Administrator

Tools used

• SiteCore • HTML • CSS • Javascript • jQuery • Bootstrap • Gimp

My contribution

 Graphic Design


I contracted with Nintex for 5 months to implement new language versions of their corporate marketing site. As well as implementing translations for their site on over 200 pages, I was able to compile many useful tools, while waiting for more translated content to come in. By the end of my time with them, I had built them an internal website and style guide for new employees. For example, I created a site link generator, reducing the number of steps in the workflow of translated page reviews. Right out of the gate, I made a huge difference by optimizing over 50 banner images on high visibility pages to load twice as fast.

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Highlighted accomplishment

Internal Documentation Website

I built a documentation web structure for Nintex, complete with applications and scripts that I wrote to optimize and automate common tasks. I also included a pre-existing company guide to design conventions for their site. Each of the pages for their internal site were built customizeable and self-contained.

The documentation site included:

  • An introduction and access structure
  • a Document tree link generator to automate the review process of new language sites
  • a code library of useful scripts for testing and optimizing content administration
  • an event view visualizer
  • company conventions/ web stack guide

Document tree link generator

I built this link generator for the ever expanding number of language versions of This agile and customizeable tool removed the need for plethoras of hard to find Excel sheets.